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Head of Group HR of the Max Aicher company MMag. Barbara Gassner has been the new head of the Berchtesgadener Land Academy since January 2024.
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Max Aicher Foundation: Change in management of the Berchtesgadener Land Academy

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Autor: Charlotte Lange

Datum: 27. Feb. 2024

February 2024 | It is a milestone and turning point that occurred at the ceremonial inauguration of the event and seminar rooms of the Das RUNDUM boarding house: After almost 17 years at the helm of the Berchtesgadener Land Academy, Bettina Oestreich handed over the management to her successor, Head of Group HR at Max Aicher company MMag. Barbara Gassner.

The academy, which has made a name for itself as an educational platform for the region, is facing a significant change, both in management and in the location of its seminars.

Berchtesgadener Land Academy

Since 2007, the topic of education has had a platform in the Max Aicher Foundation: the Berchtesgadener Land Academy. It embodies the purpose of the foundation and has always given people in their professional lives the opportunity to develop skills on a part-time basis. Bettina Oestreich had a significant influence on the Berchtesgadener Land Academy and developed it into a renowned educational institution. Under her leadership and in collaboration with the Technical University of Rosenheim, a large number of innovative seminars were introduced that are aimed at both professional training and personal development.
The academy’s hobbyhorse is the part-time certificate course “Leadership Competence and Business Administration Compact”, or since 2023 “Potential development in leadership, methodological and social skills and entrepreneurial thinking.” Bettina Oestreich’s commitment to education has made the academy an important starting point for people and companies from the Region made.

Refined focal points

With the handover of management to MMag. Barbara Gassner and her HR team, the educational offering now has a finer focus: With her expertise as Head of Group HR, Barbara Gassner knows about the needs and development goals of employees. This makes it possible to develop tailored educational offerings tailored to the specific needs and skills of the workforce. The close connection between the human resources department and the educational institution ensures that the further training measures are closely linked to the company’s personnel development plans. This promotes a holistic approach to employee development.

Barbara Gassner emphasizes that she wants to preserve the tradition and success of the Berchtesgadener Land Academy and at the same time provide new impetus in order to meet the ever-growing demands for continuing professional education. The change in management level marks an important milestone in the history of the Berchtesgadener Land Academy. Employees and future participants can be excited to see what new developments and programs will await them under the leadership. One of the most exciting innovations: the change of the seminar venue to the new and exclusive rooms of the boarding house Das RUNDUM.

Bettina Oestreich says goodbye with a smile and a cry, but is confident that the academy will continue to be successful under new management.

About Max Aicher Foundation

The Max Aicher Foundation is one of the largest family foundations in Bavaria. Since 2015, it has been home to the companies of the Max Aicher Group. In addition to its origins in construction, the Group’s activities today encompass the business areas of property, steel, environment (recycling), leisure and education. Steel and recycling play a central role here. Max Aicher produces every year in Bavaria around 1.1 million tonnes of bar, concrete and threaded steel. The steel is melted in the two electric arc furnaces at Lech-Stahlwerke in Meitingen. Further processing takes place at Lech-Stahlwerke as well as at the Annahütte steelworks and at Lech-Stahl Veredelung.

(Source: Max Aicher Foundation/2024)