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Inauguration ceremony at Nucor Steel Brandenburg, from left to right: David Sumoski, COO Nucor Corporation; Johnny Jacobs, Vice President and GM (Construction); Andy Bashear (D), Governor Commonwealth of Kentucky
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Sustainably produced steel for the US energy sector

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Autor: Birgit Schmunk

Datum: 17. Jan. 2024

January 17, 2024 | Nucor Steel Brandenburg, Kentucky, opens new plant with one of the world’s largest and most modern continuous casting lines.

Nucor Steel Brandenburg recently marked the official opening of its state-of-the-art plant at the Buttermilk Falls Industrial Park in Brandenburg, Kentucky. This newly constructed greenfield complex features one of the world’s largest and most advanced continuous casting lines, supplied by SMS group, a partner with whom Nucor has maintained a robust relationship for over 35 years.

The plant’s focal point is the SMS group’s single-strand continuous caster designed for producing ultra-wide and ultra-thick slabs. Capable of churning out 1.45 million tonnes of slabs annually, with widths up to 3.15 meters and thicknesses of 200mm, 250mm, and 300mm, the facility is poised to play a crucial role in Nucor’s commitment to delivering sustainably manufactured steel products. Particularly noteworthy is Nucor’s ElcyonTM, a heavy plate product crafted from recycled materials, specifically tailored for the offshore wind industry.

Nucor’s emphasis on a sustainable steel supply chain aligns with the growing demand for environmentally conscious products in the US energy sector. The new plant will significantly contribute to meeting this demand by leveraging cutting-edge technology and processes. SMS group, as a key contributor, supplied core components such as the continuous caster, walking beam and shuttle kilns, continuous heat treatment line, heavy plate treatment, and a water treatment plant.

The SMS group’s involvement extends beyond initial setup, with a commitment to long-term collaboration. As part of this commitment, SMS operates a repair service center at the Brandenburg site, providing maintenance services for continuous casting molds and strand support segments under a comprehensive service contract. The service center, staffed by a skilled team of 22 SMS group employees, is equipped with advanced tools such as the HD scanning unit for analyzing the internal structure and quality of slabs. This facility ensures the longevity and efficiency of the plant’s electrical and mechanical systems.

Inauguration ceremony

From left to right: Al Behr, Executive Vice President; Steve Meredith (R), U.S. Senator District 5; David Sumoski, COO Nucor Corporation; Johnny Jacobs, Vice President and GM (Construction); Andy Bashear (D), Governor Commonwealth of Kentucky; Chris Rice, Vice President and General Manager Brandenburg


Chad Donovan, Vice President Sales and Marketing at SMS group and Key Account Manager for Nucor, reflects on this milestone as another significant chapter in the enduring success story of the Nucor and SMS group partnership, spanning more than three decades. The inauguration ceremony saw the presence of key figures, including Andy Bashear, Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and Steve Meredith, U.S. Senator District 5, highlighting the importance of this collaborative achievement.

“This milestone represents another chapter in the more than 35-year success story of the close cooperation between Nucor and SMS group,” says Chad Donovan.

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