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think.steel 2 2023
A "Bright, Bright World"

GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST – every four years, the city of Düsseldorf calls for this event, which the organiser company Messe Düsseldorf describes as the Bright World of Metals. At the fair(s), you should pay attention to the various subevents that carry the label “ecoMetal”, with various sets of conferences with renowned speakers, an award ceremony, and even a “science-slam” with hopefully a good many fun presentations.

But so much for the scheduled and bright-shining events we are looking forward to. We also need to take a look at the darker end of things we would prefer not to have. It has been over a year that the Russian army invaded Ukraine. A disaster not only for peace and people, but also for the national steel industry and its international trade partners. A comprehensive article on the state of things in Ukraine, along with fact sheets for better understanding, will set the final curtain of this issue.

On the technical side, this issue will have a focus on new technologies that improve the operation of the old blast furnace in a way that they, too, have a mid-term future as we try our best to bring down emissions and to make steel that sort-of deserves to be called “green”.

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Weitere Themen

How the year of the war affected Ukrainian steel: Stanislav Zinchenko, CEO, GMK Center


Oxygen impulse technology: from experiment to large-scale industrial use

Sandro Caravita

Usage of CO2 to increase efficiency in the blast furnace

Rüdiger Deike

Ammonia: efficient hydrogen carrier and green steel enabler

Yasmin Ahmed Salem

Sustainable lime burning technology for steel plants

Hannes Piringer

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