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think.steel 1 2023
Into A New Steel Age

Welcome to the first issue of think.steel, the international magazine to accompany the transition of the industry towards fossil-free steel production. It has been three years now that a new consciousness was proclaimed by European steel managers, and that the stone began rolling. Efforts and ambitions for a rethinking of the basics of steelmaking are heard from established players on the main continents. More than that: some all-new players are emerging, too. – Green Steel players from the very outset and by definition, with the bold plan of building the first big greenfield mills in Europe in this century.

We are entering a period of transition that will last for decades. While some mills in North America and Europe have announced timetables to launch fossil-free steels on an industrial scale in the 2020s already, big corporations in India are still planning mega-mills with traditional blast furnaces. We have to face it: “Blast furnaces will remain in use longer than many people now believe,” as worded by Gianpietro Benedetti, the Chairman of Danieli group in the featured interview in this issue. think.steel will observe and accompany both routes, gathering critical views from both sides. And ideally giving guidelines whether to take all new routes, or whether to improve the traditional route, either way to make steel without leaving a carbon footprint.

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Unsere Top Themen

Green Steel
  • Scandinavia: A green steel Eldorado: H2 Green Steel, Blastr, SSAB’s HYBRIT – a strong northern trio
  • “We look at the whole value chain”: An interview with SMS group’s Chief Digital Officer Katja Windt
  • Company Profile: Interview with Danieli Chairman Gianpietro Benedetti

Weitere Themen

Miners cooperate with mills on decarbonisation


Interconnection of sheet forming at Porsche

Simon Scherrenbacher

The Digimelter for sustainable, competitive, green steelmaking

Danieli presents the Digimelter

AISI proposes calculation methodology for greenhouse gas emissions

Mark Thimons, Brandie Sebastian


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