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heat processing 4 2023
CECOF General Assembly: With courage and innovation to success

Last year, companies in the thermprocess technology sector exported industrial furnaces and burners worth 10.6 billion euros worldwide. The companies that are represented by the European association CECOF had a global market share of 42 percent – a figure that underlines the strength of this industry in Europe. However, a look at the global figures of market shares reveals another trend in addition to the traditional European market leadership: The share of Chinese companies in global exports is growing. It has risen from 21 per cent in 2021 to 25 per cent in 2022. These are precisely the percentage points that European companies are missing compared to the previous year. One of the most important challenges for the industry is to arm itself against new competitors and maintain its market share. And this must be managed in a difficult global economic environment since 2020.

The industry discussed these topics at this year’s CECOF General Assembly in Istanbul. The meeting was characterised by a spirit of optimism and confidence – despite complex challenges. One point remains to be emphasised: The most important sales market for CECOF companies is their core market – which is Europe. It is therefore more than important that Europe and Germany find their way back onto the growth path through smart political decisions.

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