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New Column: Market Insights

New to heat processing is our “Market Insights” column. In this column, Vijay Thangavelu, Director of VT Advisory based in London, reports on current trends and developments in the steel market. In his first article, he explains the role of ferrous recycling in steel decarbonization. In this issue, you will also read selected technical reports on the main topic of Heat Treatment. Traditionally, the fall is significant for the industry, as the HeatTreatmentCongress takes place in October. This year, industry professionals will meet in Cologne from October 24-26 to discuss technical and business issues.

Let´s have a look at the recent leading trade shows GIFA/METEC/THERMPROCESS/NEWCAST in Düsseldorf. Dominating were three topics: The high quality of trade visitors, customers’ willingness to invest, and transformation as a driver of business. Many exhibitors reported signing contracts or even promising initial contacts with future business partners. Again and again, companies mention the subcontinent India as the most promising market of the future – the next years seem to become the Indian decade. At present, the biggest transformation in the history of the steel industry is taking place, particularly in Europe. The transformation to climate-neutral steel production is a game changer that causes large investments. All over the world, plants are being retooled and modernized – or built from scratch.

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Unsere Top Themen

  • “Ferrous recycling and decarbonisation”, Market Insight from Vijay Thangavelu, Director VT Advisory
Industrial Furnaces & Processes
  • Innovative oxygen impulse technology for steel production, by Sandro Caravita

Weitere Themen

  • American Insight: On-Site Hydrogen Generation for Heat Treat Operations, by Marie Pompili


Retrofitting roller hearth furnaces for decarbonization

report by Erik Koenig, Gregor Ferber

Optimised burner control monitoring

report by Kwinten Cantraine

Salt quench hardening from an industrial perspective

report by Dr. Klaus Buchner

Improved Performance and Sustainability

report by Peter Sherwin, Thomas Rücker

Cooling systems in heat treatment and hardening shops

report by Hartwig Gohr, Dr. Olaf Irretier, Marco Jost, Julian Irretier

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