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Contract signing on site in Sanmexia, China. From left: Wang Dedong, Manager at OBEI (Baosteel); Michael Brammer, Director at Primetals Technologies in the UK; Grant Shoebridge, Head of Downstream at Primetals Technologies UK; Yoichi Sano, Sales Director at Primetals Technologies in China.
Foto: Primetals Technologies

Baowu orders additional stand for finishing mill from Primetals Technologies

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Autor: Charlotte Lange

Datum: 01. Sep. 2023

In May 2023, Primetals Technologies received an order from Baowu Aluminum Technology for an additional stand for the finishing mill of its aluminum hot rolling mill line in Sanmenxia, located in the Chinese province of Henan. The upgrade will change the layout of the current aluminum finishing mill line from a 3-stand design to a 4-stand design, increase the plant’s product quality and increase the production capacity from 300,000 tons to 600,000 tons per year.

Numerous improvements

Primetals Technologies will be responsible for engineering, component supply and overall support for the implementation of the new F0 stand, dedicated to processing aluminum heavy plate and strip.

The scope of the project includes the supply of technology for controlled bending and shifting of the work rolls, cooling water spray bars with integrated solenoid valves, hydraulic automatic thickness control cylinders, hydraulic equipment, pneumatic controls and all associated fluid systems. The bending of the work rolls is done in connection with the existing intelligent “Smart Crown” system, which ensures that the strip profile remains constant throughout the process – regardless of the rolling load. The integrated solenoid valves are designed to ensure zone cooling and lubrication of the work rolls, control the mill mass temperature and address the remaining flatness defects during the rolling process. The hydraulic automatic thickness control cylinders are controlled by high-reaction servo valves that determine the thickness of the rolled product. These cylinders are also used to resize roll diameters by changing the pass line height.

The combination of work roll bending technology, integrated solenoid valves and hydraulic automatic thickness control system enables Baowu to achieve the desired surface, profile and flatness quality. The technology will enable the steelmaker to serve important markets such as automotive, packaging and construction.

Successful project completion

Primetals Technologies was responsible for the engineering services, supply of components, project management, worker training and start-up of the aluminum plate plant – including stands F1-F3 of the finishing mill. The plant produces heavy plates and hot-rolled coils and processes various aluminum alloys. Baowu has issued the Final Acceptance Record (FAC) confirming the successful completion of the project in May 2023.

Leading aluminum manufacturer

Baowu Aluminum Technology, a Baowu Group company, is a global leader in the steel industry. The company was developed as a science and technology enterprise, resulting from joint investments by Baowu Steel, Henan Energy and the Sanmenxia Municipal Government. The company’s main products are high-quality aluminum plates and strips intended for the automotive, aeronautics, space, military and railway industries.


(Source: Primetals Technologies)