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ResponsibleSteel Launches New International Production Standard Version, Credits: ResponsibleSteel
Quelle: ResponsibleSteel|Zertifizierte ResponsibleSteel Standorte
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ResponsibleSteel launches new version of International Standard

Autor: B S

Datum: 07. Jun. 2024

June 2024 | ResponsibleSteel Launches International Production Standard Version 2.1, marking a significant step forward in the steel industry’s efforts to reduce its environmental impact. This initiative arrives at a crucial time, as the industry is not only a major global employer with over 6 million people but also a significant contributor to both global GDP and greenhouse gas emissions.

The newly launched Version 2.1 of the standard is expected to play a pivotal role in reducing global steel emissions and enhancing standards throughout the supply chain. Developed through extensive consultations with ResponsibleSteel members and stakeholders, including those from civil society, this version enhances requirements for responsible materials sourcing and greenhouse gas emissions management.

From Consultation to Certification

Gerry Tidd, Chairman of ResponsibleSteel’s Board of Directors, emphasized the rigorous development process and the widespread endorsement from reputable organizations like the IEA:

„We have listened to feedback from across the steel industry, civil society and others and updated the Standard to ensure it is both effective and workable. We are proud to launch Version 2.1 of the industry’s most robust, high-quality standard – one that is built on a foundation of integrity and transparency.” says Tidd.

Steelmaking sites globally are already making progress. ResponsibleSteel has over 80 sites in 19 countries certified against the International Production Standard’s Core requirements. With the revisions incorporated in Version 2.1, steelmakers are now set to pursue the next step on ResponsibleSteel’s certification journey: certified steel.

Steelmakers who meet the revised Progress Level requirements for responsible materials sourcing and decarbonisation will for the first time be able to label and market their products as ResponsibleSteel certified.

“This will give steel buyers – all the architects, automakers, builders and manufacturers – confidence that the steel they are procuring has been produced responsibly following a credible independent assessment,” Tidd added.


Empowering a Greener Future

Annie Heaton, CEO of ResponsibleSteel, highlighted the evolving understanding of what constitutes ‘green steel:

„The ResponsibleSteel International Production Standard provides a clear, credible and consistent way to define it not only by providing a fair and universal benchmarking system for low-emissions steel globally but by charting a roadmap towards responsible steelmaking every step of the way.”

She continued, “We must also remember that truly responsible steelmaking goes beyond mitigating carbon, to other environmental and social impacts, including the rights of the millions of people working in the industry and across the supply chain as well as local communities.”


As the world strives to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals, the steel industry is now better equipped to accelerate its progress towards these targets through the ResponsibleSteel International Production Standard Version 2.1. This development not only promises a more sustainable future for steel production but also supports a market for low-emissions, responsibly produced steel.

For more details on the standard and its implications for the industry, visit ResponsibleSteel.


(Source: responsible steel/2024)

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