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Induction heating in hot rolling mills


Publikationsform: Fachartikel
Artikelnummer: 00541_2012_03_04
Ausgabe: 03
Zeitschrift: Induction heating in hot rolling mills
Autor: Anis Abdurahman/Dirk M. Schibisch
Verlag: Vulkan-Verlag GmbH
Seiten: 4
Publikationsformat: PDF
Sprache: English
Themenbereich: Thermoprozesstechnik


Integrated minimill concepts for the production of hot strip have been in successful operation for many years. All the plant components, from the vertical casting machine through the roller hearth furnace right up to the compact rolling mill are installed in line to enable a continuous process from the liquid steel phase right through to the coiled hot strip. Increasing demands on productivity and the quality of the rolled goods can be met today by integrating flexible induction units into these lines.

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