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think.steel 2 2024
Thinksteel 2 2024 Cover
Artificial Intelligence in Steelmaking

Dear Readers,

In this dynamic period of transformation for the steel industry, the current issue of think.steel delves into both the challenges and innovations shaping our sector. One of the main announcements that came in time for this edition is the publication of a standard for green, or, low-emission steelmaking. It was baptised LESS, worked out by the German steel federation, in cooperation with all its member companies. A commentary piece on the final pages, the “Word for the Road”, discusses whether the steel buyer of steel, the processors and fabricators, are happy with the new standard, too.

The focus on sustainability is not just a response to regulatory pressures or environmental concerns. It is a forward-looking vision that aligns with global shifts toward green energy and circular economy models. The articles in this issue, ranging from the potential of AI in steelmaking to the development of green iron corridors. All speak to a central theme: innovation is the key to adaptation.

As we highlight the latest advancements, we discuss the hurdles. The shortfalls of scrap, a vital resource in steel recycling, could significantly impact steel supplies and trade, ultimately affecting worldwide economic growth. Another must-read is the exclusive interview with Marcel van Schaik, Transition Manager Electric Vehicles at Tata Steel Europe, who talks about the challenges for automotive steels in ‘None of us can go it alone’.

In that sense we wish you an inspiring read,

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Unsere Top Themen

Green Steel
  • LESS: A standard for low-emission steels
  • Green Iron Corridors: A new way to transform the steel business
  • Shortfalls in Scrap: A challenge to the steel industry
Flat Steel in Automotive
  • None of us can go it alone: In an exclusive interview, Marcel van Schaik, Transition Manager Electric Vehicles at Tata Steel Europe, speaks about the challenges to automotive steels
  • Tata Steel’s Zeremis journey
  • Bionics in vehicle construction with perforated sheets
  • Thyssenkrupp: new slitting line in Motta Visconti

Weitere Themen

  • Politics, Business & Economics: Plant engineering benefits from big projects for sustainable steel
  • Avantgarde/Innovation: Electrolysis based on solid oxide electrolysis cells


Smart Steel & Steel Innovation

Birgit Schmunk, think.steel

Through-Process Quality Control: Benefits and Successes

Klaus Jax and Wolfgang Oberaigner, Primetals Technologies Austria

The annual Safety and Health Report 2023

Andrew Purvis, worldsteel

AI supports green steel production

Birgit Schmunk, think.steel

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